Secretary of the Interior's Standards

The act or process of applying measures necessary to sustain the existing form, integrity and materials of an historic property.

The act or process of accurately depicting the form, features and character of a property as it appeared at a particular period of time by means of the removal of features from other periods in its history and reconstruction of missing features from the restoration period.

The act or process of making possible a compatible use for a property through repair, alterations and additions while preserving those portions or features that convey its historical, cultural or architectural values.

The act or process of depicting, by means of new construction, the form, features and detailing of a non-surviving site, landscape, building, structure or object for the purpose of replicating its appearance at a specific period of time and in its historic location.

‚ÄčCleaned and preserved bronze pieces
Cleaned and preserved bronze pieces

Restoration of Capitol ceiling
Restoration of the Capitol ceiling