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Antiques in the Kentucky State Capitol

chandelier​Original light fixtures of the State Reception Room in the State Capitol Building, made of brass and cut crystal shards with large crystal cut ball. There are a total of three identical chandeliers in the room with 300 prisms each fixture.


light standard​An original fixture of the State Capitol Building, these light standards are made of brass and have a single globe lamp on top of a voluted column, terminating on a three pronged lion head and claw base. Located in the East and West wing lobby, there are a total of 8 of these lamps in the Capitol building and are similar to the standards in the White House during the Roosevelt administration.


Hand carved Circassian walnut table with marble top​Hand carved Circassian walnut table with marble top, bookmarked in 4 sections. Italian Breche Violette Italian marble is used to accomplish the inlaid marble top. The edging around the table is brass beaded with ornate carving on table skirts and legs. The table is in the style of 17th century French Baroque, also known as Louis XIV.

William F. Behrens & Co in Cincinnati, Ohio received the contract for the furnishings in February 25, 1909. The table as far as we know was made in this country and hand carved by German immigrants. The table was ordered especially for the State Reception Room and was placed there in the early 1900s.


Objects of Interest