State Capitol Monument Park

Area map of the Capitol Monument ParkThe Finance and Administration Cabinet's Division of Historic Properties is pleased to announce plans for the development of a monument park on the Capitol grounds as part of the Kentucky State Capitol Grounds Tourism Enhancement Project (CGTEP).

Kentucky's beautiful Capitol campus is one of the few state capitol grounds in the nation designed by the Olmsted Brothers firm; a premier landscape architecture firm of the early 1900s started by Fredrick Law Olmsted, considered as the founder of American landscape architecture.  This monument garden will be the creation of a park-like landscape with the addition of plantings, minimal architecture and two formal entrances.  A large open area for public recreation and gatherings will also be preserved.

The goal of the monument park project is an environment that honors Kentucky's history by providing a monument representing people, events, organizations and ideals that have contributed to the history and future of the Commonwealth's evolution.  If your organization has ideas for appropriate subjects or has a monument, statue or artwork that you believe would be appropriate for this venue or if your organization would be interested in designing a monument for the park, please contact the Division of Historic Properties to apply for consideration.

Criteria for Monuments

Proposed Landscaping Plan

Proposed landscaping plan for the Capitol Monumnet Park 

Progress Photos

New Benches as of June 01, 2008

Benches installed at Capitol Monument ParkBenches installed at Capitol Monument Park, second angle 

Monument Park paths and landscaping marked out

Monument Park paths and landscaping marked outMonument Park paths and landscaping marked out 

The Freedom Tree Monument

The Freedom Tree Monument 

The Kentucky Coffee Tree Monument

The Kentucky Coffee Tree MonumentThe Kentucky Coffee Tree Monument Plaque 

Installing the Kentucky Organ Donor Monument

Installing the Kentucky Organ Donor Monument - Pic 1Installing the Kentucky Organ Donor Monument - Pic 2Installing the Kentucky Organ Donor Monument - Pic 3Installing the Kentucky Organ Donor Monument - Pic 4 

State Capitol Monument Park