Historic Properties Advisory Commission

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HPAC - Historic Properties Advisory CommissionPer KRS 11.026 the Historic Properties Advisory Commission (HPAC) is established to provide continuing attention to the maintenance, furnishings and repairs of the Governor's Mansion, Old Governor's Mansion, Vest-Lindsey House and the New State Capitol.  It is comprised of 14 members who include the State Curator, the Director of the Kentucky Historical Society and the Director of the Executive Mansion.  The First Lady serves as an honorary member of the commission.

The commission shall have authority over any construction, repairs, structural restoration or renovation of these properties.  In addition, the commission supervises the maintenance of a current inventory of all furnishings in these properties.  The commission shall have final authority over articles placed in the properties and monies spent on these buildings.  Also, they develop criteria for the display of objects and for the use of the public areas and grounds of the New State Capitol.

HPAC Members

  • Britainy Beshear; First Lady of Kentucky
  • Stephen L. Collins; Chairman
  • Carol J. Mitchell; Director of Historic Properties
  • Craig Potts; Executive Director of the Kentucky Heritage Council
  • Ann Evans; Executive Director of the Governor’s Mansion
  • Scott Alvey
  • Cathy Laverne Thomas
  • Samuel Craig Devine
  • Angela Rowlett Lampe
  • Darren J. Taylor
  • Clest Virginia Lanier​ 
  • Kimberly Jacoby Dudgeon
  • Kenny Bishop​
Historic Properties Advisory Commission