Code of Ethics

Ethical Principles

The principles of ethical behavior for public servants of the commonwealth are provided in KRS 11A.005(1).  Although not "public servants" as defined in KRS Chapter 11A, as members of the Historic Properties Advisory Commission (HPAC), we believe that our public service is for the benefit of the people of the Commonwealth.  We also recognize that such public service is a public trust and that we have a duty to:

  1. be independent and impartial;
  2. make policy and decisions through established processes of government;
  3. not use our positions to obtain private benefits; and
  4. uphold the public trust in the integrity of the Historic Properties Advisory Commission.

Thus, the members of HPAC shall comply with the following minimum standards of ethical conduct.

Acceptance of Gifts

A member of the HPAC, his spouse or dependent child shall not knowingly accept any gifts or gratuities, including travel expenses, meals, alcoholic beverages and honoraria, totaling a value greater than twenty-five dollars ($25) in a single calendar year from any person or business that does business with, is regulated by, is seeking grants from, is involved in litigation against, or is lobbying or attempting to influence the actions of HPAC, or from any group or association that has as its primary purpose the representation of those persons or businesses.  Nothing contained in this paragraph shall prohibit HPAC from authorizing exceptions to this paragraph where such exemption would not create an appearance of impropriety.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

A member of HPAC shall disclose to the other members of HPAC any direct or indirect interest in any undertaking that puts his personal interest in conflict with that of HPAC.  This disclosure shall be made in writing or shall be recorded in the minutes of a formal meeting.  A member who is required to publicly disclose a direct or indirect interest shall abstain from all decisions concerning his interest, if the decision would affect him as a member of business, profession, occupation, or group in a manner different from other members of the business, profession, occupation or group.


No member of HPAC shall personally or through a business in which he owns or controls an interest of more than five percent (5%), or by any other person for his use of benefit or on his account, undertake, execute, hold or enjoy, in whole or in part, any contract, agreement, lease, sale or purchase made, entered into, awarded, or granted by the board, commission, authority, council or committee of which he is a member.  This prohibition shall not apply to purchases that are available on the same terms to the general public or which are made at public auction.

Code of Ethics