The Division of Historic Properties (DHP) is responsible for the preservation, conservation, and cyclical maintenance of The New State Capitol, The Executive Mansion, The Old Governor's Mansion, Berry Mansion, and the Vest-Lindsey House in Frankfort, Kentucky. as mandated by KRS 42.014, KRS 11.026 and 11.027, as well as other Finance-owned historic properties.  The Division of Historic Properties works in accordance with the Secretary of Interior Standards while always maintaining an assurance to manage our resources wisely, as stewards of the Commonwealth's assets.  The division is responsible for inventory and maintenance of state-owned furnishings, artifacts, and objects of art, while also documenting annual conservation needs and selecting the most qualified restoration professionals to secure the Commonwealth's historic treasures.

The Director of the Division of Historic Properties serves as State Curator and Secretary of the Historic Properties Advisory Commission (HPAC); a body statutorily responsible for the management and conservation efforts of the New State Capitol, the Executive Mansion and the Old Governor's Mansion.  The division advises and consults with other state agencies concerning preservation and maintenance projects at other State-owned historic sites.

The Division of Historic Properties is also responsible for the scheduling and management of meetings and special events such as weddings, receptions, and dinners at the Berry Mansion, a premier event venue in Franklin County, and the Vest-Lindsey House.  Historic Properties is also responsible for the effective management of events at the Capitol building and grounds, balancing public use with preservation of our landmark Capitol building.

DHP Objectives

The Division of Historic Properties is driven by our commitment to excellence.  Our main objectives are:

  1. Coordination of the preservation and conservation of Finance-owned historic buildings
  2. Maintaining an accurate inventory and adequate insurance on all fine art, decorative arts and antiques within historic properties state statute
  3. Effectively managing public use and preservation with special event and needs at historically significant properties under our agency's purview

2018 Derby Poster

2018 Governor's Celebration Derby Poster by Ashley McHone 

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The Governor’s Kentucky Derby Poster features a lovely detailed painting by Ashley McHone. First Lady Glenna Bevin selected the painting for the second annual First Lady’s Derby Poster Contest, which asked Kentucky’s high school students to submit original artwork online that answered this question: “What does the Kentucky Derby look like to you?” The painting chosen captures the beauty of the Kentucky Derby’s greatest symbols, thoroughbreds and red roses.
About the Artist - Ashley McHone is a junior at Big Picture Learning Academy, which is a part of Shelby County High school. She has a passion for building, drawing and painting. She learned to draw at a young age but credits her art teachers for encouraging her to develop and broaden her skill in recent years. After graduating, Ashley has many future ambitions, like becoming an architect and a carpenter.

To purchase your 2018 Derby Poster, please visit the Online Store​, or contact Tammy Bullock at 502-564-8097 or by email at Tammy.Bullock@ky.gov.
For all other purchases or rentals through the Division of Historic Properties, please contact Dalaina Bean at 502-564-3000 or by email at Dalaina.bean@ky.gov.

Contact Us

For questions regarding any of our properties, please contact our offices at one of the following locations:

Leslie Nigels
Director and State Curator
The Vest Lindsay House
401 Wapping Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

Erin Warford
Old Governor’s Mansion
Director of Events
420 High Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

Dalaina Bean
Berry Hill Mansion
Director of Events
700 Louisville Road
Frankfort, KY 40601

Jeri Hines
Old State Capital
Director of Events

Linda Stevens
Capital Tour Desk Supervisor
700 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601

Questions regarding privately-owned historic homes please contact:

The Heritage Council of Kentucky
410 High Street
Frankfort, KY 40601